Nephrolife Medical Medical Services

The center provides:

  • 33 modern dialysis machines with the capacity for Hemodiafiltration
  • HELBIO low-flux and high flux dialyzers of various sizes
  • A wide variety of fistula needles for safe and risk-free dialysis
  • Specialized anatomical dialysis beds with a personal TV, set headphone equipment, as well as Internet stations
  • Water treatment with double reverse osmosis, UV lamp and constant microbiological control
  • A thorough sterilization of dialysis machines after every dialysis session
  • A reanimation room fully equipped with all necessary devices
  • Affiliation with Diagnostic Centers for urgent blood tests, urgent vascular access and all the necessary medical examinations according to doctor’s advice
  • A modern ambulance for transport to and from the Centre as well as for the emergencies
  • 24-hour contact with a doctor willing to cover any urgent needs
  • Experienced doctors and staff willing to offer their best for a successful and safe dialysis
  • A spacious private parking


Filoxenia Medical Services

FILOXENIA center has medical instrumentation and installations that guarantee a first-rate medical service, in combination with the comfort of a luxurious environment:

  • Private ambulance.
  • Three-fold electrically monitored beds with private television and Internet stations.
  • 33 new generation hemodialysis machines.
  • Water treatment with reverse osmosis.
  • Polysulfone low and high flux dialysers or any other kind of dialysis membrane deemed necessary, that are intended for the methods of classic hemodialysis or alternate modes of hemodialysis (hemodiafiltration etc).
  • Fistula needles of all kinds and sizes available in the international market.
  • Bicarbonate dialysis solutions.
  • Sterilization of the machines between shifts.
  • Special arrangements for Peritonneal dialysis patients (CAPD).
  • Recovery and Emergency Section, Laboratory.