Filoxenia Hemodialysis Center, conforming with the international standards, was established by a group of companies active in the field of hemodialysis for more than 40 years;  Our vision is to provide safety, hospitality and the highest standards to renal patients from all over the world, wishing to have their summer or winter vacations in Greece.

This goal is also enhanced by the geographical location of FILOXENIA in the northwest Peloponnese (Rododafni – Egio), near the ski center of Kalavrita, which someone can visit, not only by road, but also by cog railway passing through magnificent scenery. Also because it is adjacent to some of the most beautiful seashores of Greece, which can be easily reached. All the well known archeological sites that have been centers of the classical ancient Greek civilization such as: Delphi, Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Sparta, Tirinth, Ancient Korinthos, Mega Spileo (Giant Cave), the lake of Stimfalia, etc , can be easily visited by someone due to the geographical location of FILOXENIA, which is in the center of all the above. The picturesque and verdurous Egio, built on the ancient Eliki, combines its beautiful mountains (Panachaiko, Erimanthos) with its magnificent beaches, which compete with one another in natural beauty and are in the vicinity of FILOXENIA.

Dialysis and Vacations

The personnel of FILOXENIA (medical, nursing and administrative ), are at the guests disposal for any information, not only for dialysis matters, but also for anything concerning transportation, communication, room reservations, as well as information about all the above mentioned Archeological Sites, and  access to the summer or winter resorts of the region.

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